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Hi there!

As things spill out of my brain, instead of letting it drip all over the floor I'll put it here instead.

Right now the main content I have to post would be my "On the Mark" episodes. The other stuff I'll add as time permits. It could take a lifetime.

Please get started by catching up on old issues of "On the Mark." Enjoy:

Episode 1: The Introduction

Episode 2: How Great is "How Great Thou Art?"

Episode 3: Dogs Plot To Overthrow Humans

Episode 4: Major Interstellar Event To Shake Up Universe

Episode 5: The Rise and Fall of Ted Henry

Episode 6: The Truth Suddenly Becomes Self Evident

Episode 7: Cleveland Sports Curse Strikes Back

Episode 8: Nine Is The Happiest Number We'll Ever See

Episode 9: The World Is Burning Up, And We're All Going To Die

Episode 10: Her Name Was Marsene

Episode 11: Only 1,400 More Laps To Go

Episode 12: Grocery Store Lines Cause Brain Damage and Emotional Disorders

Episode 13: God Bless the USA

Episode 14: Not One For a "Best Of" List

Episode 15: Do Ghosts Know How to Moonwalk?

Episode 16: Don't Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy

Episode 17: Raiders of the Lost Episodes

Episode 18: The Temple of Doomed Episodes

Episode 19: Ohio Mark and The Lost Crusade

Episode 20: What!? A repeat? That's lame!!

Episode 21: When Lunchboxes Attack

Episode 22: All Good Things . . .


Retirement Supplementals:

Supplement 1: Everything is Beautiful




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